Can I Please You?  

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2/13/2006 7:20 pm

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Can I Please You?

Come to me my love and tell me how much you love me
Tell me what my touch does to you
What my lips do for you
Does my tongue send tingles up and down your spine
Do I touch the right spots
Because I will just say the words and I will do it
Touch you to please you
With my hands my lips my tongue
Excite you entice you please you
Where should I start tell me
Your lips kissing them sweetly and intensely
Exploring your chest with my hands touching and caressing
Working my hands to your back to your ass kneading it gentle but firmly
Leaving your lips working I kiss your neck
Working my way to your nipples and suck on them to please you
Working down to your belly button using my tongue and circling around it
Taking my hands to your cock and slowly stroking it
Making you hard feeling you grow
Taking you into my mouth and sucking on the head
Giving you pleasure is all I want to do
Taking you all the way into my mouth
Stroking your balls with my hands
Hearing you moan is all that I need
Sucking you and stroking you
Teasing you with my teeth
Making you cum with a scream and shudder
Swallowing it all as you cum in my mouth
Did I please you my love are you happy
Shall I please you again
Can I make you cum again
Pleasing you is my pleasure Sir

copyright© Febuary2006 by Maiden

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