A day for love  

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2/14/2006 5:50 pm

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A day for love

Valentines Day

Women love it
Men not exactly happy with it
Personally never really gave it much thought until I met my husband
Today it means a lot he surprised me three times
A lot has happened in the last month
Thought I lost him
Today he gave himself back 100%
This means a lot to me
I discovered what exactly it means to have a soul mate and a love that no one can break
Today I say Happy Valentines to everyone
I hope that everyone who is looking for love finds it
I also hope that those who are not are at least happy
I hope you find your hearts desire I have and I know I will be happy for ever
Elf , I love you always and forever

Elf's Maiden

copyright© Febuary2006 by Maiden

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