Hidden Message in Water  

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1/4/2006 3:08 pm

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Hidden Message in Water

My mind is buzzing from a movie I watched recently,called "What The Bleep Do We Know?" - It's a sort of Discovery Channel type format on Quantum Physics. As exciting as that may sound,it really does raise some profound ideas.

My favorite concept came from a Dr.Masaru Emoto and his study of water at the molecular level. He would take high-speed pictures of the molecules in a cold room and study the effect of human interaction.Basically, he would take water samples - say different things to the samples - and record the effects.The results are AMAZING!

The samples that had positive intent spoken to them flourished to a snowflake-like state (This picture comes from a sample that had words of 'compassion' spoken to it.)With symetry.While angry words made the molecules FUBAR (FRAZZLED).

Think about that - and then realize we are somewhere between 75% to 90% water.

What sort of energy did you spread today?

Are you positive to yourself?

WOW!!! We really do effect ourselves and our environment - Scientific fact

If you've been looking for a movie to watch...

And if you've already seen it - what did you think?


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