Just rambling . . .  

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11/2/2005 8:51 pm

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Just rambling . . .

I just have to say that some days, I love going to work. I don't love going to work to work, but I have some of the most interesting conversations with one co-worker in particular. She's a wonderful BBW and totally confident in who she is. You want to know the truth about something? Go ask her. She'll tell it like it is. The great thing about this is I can ask her those personal embarassing questions that I wonder about. For example, I sometimes wonder if certain pains, feelings, etc. happen just to me or do others have it happen too? So I asked her. No personal boundaries...we discuss it all...love, sex, break-ups, hook-ups, squishy boobs, gripe sessions. Without realizing, it, she's also helping me feel more confident as a BBW. Las week we were discussing clothes. She mentioned a retailer and said she liked the clothes, but they were just too cutesy for her. The best part of it was when she said, "I don't have the body to be a cute person!" I just laughed. It's great to have co-workers like that! I never quite know what to expect out of her mouth, and hey, it makes talking with her fun.
I sometimes find myself working away at my desk and remember something she said or did and I just start laughing. Of course, people around me think I'm nuts, but hey, it's awesome having a friend with whom you can discuss anything - no matter how personal or embarassing! All for today!

ptilda1123 41F

11/17/2005 8:19 pm

Not the body to wear cutsy things? Are you KIDDING me? Girl, all you gotta do is find what works for YOU and go with it. Keep in mind, us BBWs are much curvier, and we require things that will show off our great bodies... none of these things made for sticks... I gotta wear stuff that lets by breasts be showcased, and that show my little round ass... I LOVE my body! Be proud.

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