purrr...fectly pink pimples  

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12/17/2005 11:34 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

purrr...fectly pink pimples

feline kittykat struting streaking stalking steam sizzle busting @ the seams... fantasy desire snug tight in your jeans... subtle scent stinging curves playing teasing burning my nerves... barbie doll whistles far less than she deserves... pop pink princess picking prey unafraid to devour the day... yet try as she may... it's hard to keep da dogs @ bay...

lipstick kisses gliding down my neck, yet after seven months not even a peck... bellybutton magic tragic spell fondling rubbing oils all too well dell spycam hoping yet always untrue... allure young mens from their dens as they write w/ their pens numbers you will never dial, yet smile for a while till you amass a great big pile...

rank & file, sugar & bile, sometimes you seem so vile... claws daggers cut razor fangs, pain w/out the pangs, smooth sting punishing petite little kitten smitten w/ intellectual supernatural charm... unsuspecting eager teenage hormones wait in line headed straight towards harm... lucky fools only lose an arm, it's slaughter time inside the purrr...fectly pink pig farm...

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