Are we angry?  

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11/13/2005 6:51 pm

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Are we angry?

Sometimes it seems that people who become disabled come across as angry and sort of immature. I have a lady friend who struggles with MS. The disease is destroying her in a very short time. I want to hold her, have her sit on my lap, but her suffering comes through in here every word. Not as pain or sadness, that I can understand. It comes out as anger and resentment. Every story, going to the store, dealing with her neighbors, she says that people are just horrible to her. She has said that numerous people who see her struggle to walk in a store or mall have told her that she “deserved to be crippled”! OMG! My first thought was: what kind of person would say something like that to a handicapped person? My next thought was what did my friend say FIRST that elicited that kind of comment? Once she told me that she yelled at a neighbor “I wish you get cancer”? OMG!! Maybe some of my friends illness, for sure her mistreatment by the outside world, comes from her internal emotional toxicity.

One of my daily struggles is to not feel sorry for myself, to not expect the world to go out of its way to help me. People do not intend to be rude or pushy, they are just busy. I know when some guys just pushes past a person on crutches or a cane insensitively, he would run intense interference for his grandma if she were there. People do not mean to be rude or insensitive, they are just caught up in the daily press of everyday life.

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