my writing............enjoy ;)  

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my writing............enjoy ;)


Chris came and picked up Annie for their date. when he
saw her he liked how she was dressed. She was wearing a
black mini skirt, black crop top with a deep plunging neck line
that showed some of what was lurking beneath the top. She
was also wearing black thigh highs and black heels. He looked
her up and down and said, “mmmm, nice!” Annie blushed
slightly under his gaze, but she was still able to admire his
attire too. He looked divine in his tight jeans and dress tee
shirt. She wanted to grab him right then but she controlled
herself. She said, “Oh Chris you look good too.” He said,
“Thank you my sweet sexy goddess.” Annie blushed even more
after he said that. He walked her to his car which was a
jeep and he said, “Sorry honey, I didn’t think you would be
wearing such a short skirt.” She laughed and said, “it is OK
baby.” And she preceded to climb in the jeep as if it was
nothing. as he was watching her he got a nice view of her
legs, even though she was only 5’6” her legs were long and
shapely. He went over to his side of the jeep and got in,
before he could fish the keys out of his pocket Annie had put
her hand on the out side of his crotch. This action made him
jump and go hard at the same time. She looked at him and
smiled, her smile was beautifully wicked and her eyes shone
brightly, and she said, “mmmm... very nice.” Chris could feel
his cock growing harder every second. He then started the
car and began driving, but he left her hand right where it was, he liked how it felt having her hand there, it was nice
and a big turn on. Then they arrived at the night club
“Luscious” that he was taking her to. He didn’t want to get
out of the jeep that meant that he had to make her remove
her hand from where she had put it, he really didn’t want to
but he told him self that when they got in to the club she
could have it there all night. When they got into the club
music was already playing and Annie said, “Oh...Chris...I love
this song...mmm ....can we dance?” He looked at her and
smiled and said, “sure thing baby.” and then they went out to
the dance floor. Annie began dancing and Chris liked the way
she was moving, damn it was turning him on even more then
he was already. He grabbed her by the hips and began
dancing with her. Then he turned her around so that she was
facing away from him and he pulled her closer and they began
swaying to the music. Then he let his hands roam all over her
voluptuous body. He slipped his hand under her skirt and what
he found made his cock begin to throb with excitement. Annie
wasn’t wearing any underwear! Oh my god he was so turned on
by the fact that she was pantiless that he almost came right
then and there. He was absolutely rock hard now and his cock
was pressing against his jeans, begging to be released and
jammed in to that sweet pussy of Annie’s. He turned her
around and pulled her close to him and she felt his hardness
pressing into her. Annie looked up at him and her eyes were
dancing with delight and said, “You must be very happy to see
me huh?” He said, “Annie you don’t have any panties on.” She
smiled at him and she said, “I know I don’t.” “Well”, Chris
said, “we are going to need to get a table, some where
secluded.” Annie looked around and then said, “There is one
over by the stage.” Chris looked at it and then said, “Good,
it is noisy and dark too.” He then dragged Annie over to the
table, though she really didn’t have any idea what he was wanting to do at the table. He sat down and pulled Annie into
his lap. She knew immediately what she needed to do, she
straddled him willingly, she wasn’t even ashamed of what was
happening, she was even shameless. He pushed her up a little
bit, she had a confused look on her face until she realized
what he was doing. He was unzipping his pants so that his
cock could be released. He then released his cock from his
jockeys and it was like a heat seeking missile exploding from
its hiding place. Annie squealed when she saw it, but no one
heard her, it was too noisy. Annie squealed again as she sank
down on to his cock, it was so hard and big, and oh god it
was so nice. She began to move up and down on it savoring
the feel of him within her, she moved slowly at first, then
she began to move faster, this was driving Chris insane with
need. He was beginning to moan and so was Annie. He
grabbed Annie by her hips and pushed her all the way down
on to his cock and she let a moan escape that should have
gotten every ones attention. Thank God the music was
booming loud and it drowned her out. He began to thrust into
her not able to control himself any longer. Annie covered
Chris’s mouth with her own and began to kiss him deeply, it
wasn’t just for the kiss it was to muffle her cries of ecstasy.
Chris was losing it, his thrusting was getting out of control
and so was Annie. She was clawing and kissing him like a
frenzied nympho. Then they both climaxed at the exact same
time. Annie went limp in Chris’s arms and he just held her
there for a few moments while they both caught their
breath. Then after they both were ready to leave Chris’s
said, “Hey baby we need to do this again some time.” and he
winked at her. Annie smiled at him and with eyes that were
glazed over with sexual desire full filled, said, “Yes, I do
believe we do and we will for sure sexy.” She had a content
look on her face when she got home but, then again so did Chris.

Looking0100 54M

4/13/2006 12:40 pm

Eira (is that your name?), thank you very much for the beautiful and sexual story. It was absolutely fabulous. Not one word to many or to few. Just perfect!

I love all sex stories. If it involves fucking or sucking, then I want to read all about it. The more sucking, the better. But, really I do like everything here.

Did you write this story yourself? It not, who is the author? He/She should be congratulated for a job very well done.

Keep the erotic stories coming. Every day if you can. Do you have any color photos to go with them?

Thanks again,

Jon C.

rm_eira_menna 55F
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4/14/2006 12:15 am

looking, every thing you see in my blogs are my own words, some stories turn out better then others but hey who am i to complain when a idea strikes me i have to write it out and the strip tease story was a 5 minute job but hey i should have taken more time with it and worked on it more like i do with the others but for some reason i felt that it was not gonna be one that i worked for days on

Looking0100 54M

4/14/2006 2:07 am

Thanks for your response, Eira. I did not mean to offend you. I am very glad that you are the author of these sexy stories. That is fantastic! Thank you for writing this one. It was a real treat, sexually.

It is okay about the striptease, you can write what you like. I certainly wouldn't want you to waste days on with it. A little more detail would have been nice. But it was a very good story, indeed.

Jon C.

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