what is it about the allure of love ,sex, and the eroticness of ebony and ivory  

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10/4/2005 3:42 pm

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what is it about the allure of love ,sex, and the eroticness of ebony and ivory

First a bit about Ebony i'm sensual erotic exotic playful very romantic mature others view me as a threat because i am very opinionated on here with topics hey that's their problem and they have to deal with it and get over their insecurties and hang ups now to the topic at hand.

What is there about it , someone or something you can't have but it's off limits to see touch or smell ,but the hunger and temptations are there , i am one who dances by the beat of my own drum ,not one to follow the masses ,i have touched the so called forbidden fruit several times and loved every freakin minute of it too,my desires have been for caucasion men people ask what's the allure i say that i really can't explain it but i have use several reasons why i can't ,like "you no the sun rises in the east and sets in the west but you never ask why" I find my true erotic tales or more intensified with the forbidden fruit it's more passionated sweaty and involved i am a ver erotic and sexual woman that loves the erotic side of what a relationship can offer never dull oor uninviting knowing and believing variety is the spice of life you.
you are more than welcome to post or comment here what ever tickles your fancy.

My more seasoned lover the mature distinguished and more experienced one, he takes his time and knows what he wants he touches you in all the right places his kisses are more like that of a young lover but more passionate he touches me in ways i can only dream of i lay on my back he massages my soft mocha ebony skin from head to toe kissing each breast so soft and gentle and he blows his warm breath one each one, then my seasoned lover stands behind me and i tilt my head to the side he raises my hair up and kiss my neck then moves to the shoulders and he kisses the middled of my back and i quiver with each kiss , i'm so inamoured by my well seasoned lovers touch taste and smell and he mine ,i to crave him like no other as he knows how to make me tremble in his wake , we slow dance to soft sexy music then he takes my hand and leads me into the bedroom we make crazy sexy passionate love our ebony and ivory bodies becoming one with each stroke he gives me one after another i moan ever so slightly then he whispers in my ear "Beau`coup `des bises`partout" and "J`aime ` lecher`ta`chatt`e vraim`ent" in one of his many languages he speaks, then he says baby oh yes baby it's you i have been craving i fantasize on my job everday about coming to you and having you in every way possible , i kiss my seasoned lover passionatly with my mouth as though i was takin some of his precious breath to save in me till i see him again ,and as my lover leaves his scent still permiates the air i close my eyes and i see him this gorgeous sexy tall adonis with the blonde hair and blu eyes all toned my forbidden fruit that thrilled me for so many days and nights , i find myself giggling like a high school girl when we talk on the phone he makes me moist with the sound of his sexy mature sexy voice,i can't wait to see him againa nd again.

With all these emotions running thru my head heres a poem.


is it the way you speak ,
or the way you stroke a piece of your lovers anatomy,
envoking pleasure,
beyond measure,
is that love or lust,
that cums through the guts ,
and explodes from his nuts,
making you feel good all over,
will you chose the young lover,
but do you discharge,
or discord, then disregard,
the two,
when the shower is neither ,
for or from you,
or do you move on to the next ex ,
with your heart not your head ,
anyone can share a bed,
but can you sleep in the one you v'e made,
or simply change the sheets,
and wait for the next pair of feet,
to walk it's way into your heart,
how do you show the intangible,
masters of faith,
which one masterbates,
in his mind, heart, and soul,
do you hold,your lovers accountable,

rm_happymike42 58M

11/28/2005 3:20 am

hi I think for me its the unknow the need to try something new

Shoestring1976 69M
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1/9/2006 1:06 pm

hi babes,came across you purely by accident,you sum things up so nice love your choice of words just wish i could smell touch and caress your every part

rm_studdd26 37M
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1/15/2006 9:10 pm

hi sexy,email me about yourself

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