The Phone Call - an excerpt  

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The Phone Call - an excerpt

She was highly perceptive by nature and knew what type of vibes she was picking up. His were the most seductive of all. His was the kind that washed you clean and whole and made you want to cry out for more of his hard core loving that came with every syllable that escapes from his lips.

She was flooded with images of bodies writhing, sweating, and crawling from one end of the bed to the other. She could hear moans
rising and falling with every thrust of his pelvis. She could see how his hands tenderly touched and stroked how he fingered wildly causing more moaning and pleasure. She saw it all as the image of a woman on all fours pleaded for him to stop. She saw how he pushed her hard, further than she wanted to ever go.

She watched the drops of sweat form on her lower back and fall off his brow as he surrounded her body with his. She watched so closely, feeling so much of his sexual being coursing through her veins and his deep moans ringing in her ears that when in the image he looked up and into her eyes, her heart stopped beating for an instant. She was like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. She was frozen there on the spot not knowing where to turn.

What was thrilling and disturbing at the same time was how deeply he looked into her eyes and watched her watch him. A slightly evil grin almost a sneer crossed his lips as he pushed his penis deeper into the woman prostrated before him. Her moans gave way to screams and he pushed harder and harder He was keenly aware of her watching and assessing his love making skills. He wanted her to know right then and there that when she lay before him like this woman did she would feel everything if not more because he knew what she really wanted. He was a master at his art. His gift was to read and interpret the needs of a woman based on even the slightest vibe she may give off. And he read her loud and clear.

(c)2005 Carolyn Woods All Rights Reserved

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