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7/22/2006 4:42 pm

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I've been on this website for a few months now and here is what I've found...there are MANY horny people in this world (YEAH). There are just as many curious people about the same gender as those about the opposite gender (OKAY). But the thing that I have to wonder is if you are curious about a certain aspect of your life, why not act upon it?! I mean, shouldn't we leave this earth knowing we did all that we could in order to make our life a good one...as long as we've done no harm to others?! If there is a here after, I don't want to spend it saying, "Damn, I wish I had taken the time to do...".

I know with the creeps and wierdos that we share this planet with, it's difficult to always now if Betty Jane is truly Betty Jane and not Bubby Sparks in hiding, but there are ways to safe guard yourself from such freaks. If you're on Passion, you're there for a reason. Be it an internet quickie, friend with benefits, or a straight up one-nighter, whatever your pleasure you should do just that...enjoy the pleasure a site like this has to offer you. I can almost bet you that our grandparents didn't have a opportunity such as this back in their day...and some of them probably wish there had been!

rm_horny4731 47M

9/17/2006 3:04 am

whats up girl how about we chat for a while to see if we can hook up or something

rm_ebony0116 replies on 9/17/2006 7:26 am:
Thanks for the invitation, but Texas is a bit far from Indiana. Also, if you read my profile currently I'm wishing to explore my bi-curiosity.

Best of luck in your search...and thanks for the pic! You're looking very good!!


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