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12/2/2005 11:51 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

me anger you anger

Anger. It's a good thing!. I know not the conventional wisdom, However, think about it. Yes, if carried to it's extremes and into wild rages, not friggin good at all. But, if the anger is used to constructively blow off, steam or to fuel the strength to lift a car off a child or an injured adult. Anger is good!

I hear the voices now, no fair, that's an exception. Okay, how about the anger that gives the cancer victim the will to live and fight their awful battle. Yes part of the fuel for the fight is determination, hutzpah or whatever we chose to call it. Another part is the NO, am too young to die or I still have so much to give attitude(anger).

Our anger if used properly is a fuel. It helps blow off some of the stress which increasingly effects us all job-related or marriage related stress. Anger floats on our seas of temperment along with child support. (more to come)

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