Owner of a hardon with standards! Is the latter an oxymoron?  

rm_eayrider 65M
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11/6/2005 7:59 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Owner of a hardon with standards! Is the latter an oxymoron?

I sit here this morning with a hard throbbing cock and no female partner to throw over this computer table to screw and admire. Why? I believe my self to be a satyr but i won't just fuck any women.

This is the crux of the problem. My title for this first blog.

Sex, damn, I love it! However, I won't screw any woman as somone with my level of desire probably should.

I love women, woman! However I want one or two even more occasionally when my cock is literally throbbing with need. However,THE STANDARD kicks in! I won't bed a women who lacks intelligence. I won't bed a woman who doesn't take pride in herself. She must brush her teeth, shave her armpits, not smoke in bed and if a smoker do so rarely. Next thing my mental mentor (read ball and chain)lol inflicts on me is personal appearance with regards to size.

Weight is a serious drawback for me. I realize that a bigger woman can be beautiful. Honestly I do! However for me especially after my last relationship with a woman who was 150 plus pounds overweight! She GAINED that overweight level from being only a few pounds over her ideal weight, while constantly telling me the weight gain was my fault.. My level of desire if you are fat, overweight, chubby, whatever euphemism you wish to use that applies IS excess fat kills any sexual relationship. No if's and or BUTTS even if yours is incredibly cute in your view..

I have female friends who are overweight and whom I enjoy chatting with on this site and elsewhere whose intelligence in my view can't be disputed. Some I see as pretty. I value them intensely just not sexually. This honest blog may in fact lose me some friendships which I will regret truthfully.

I enjoy kissing a woman all over which means when I do so if I glance upward. I want to see your face & breasts or just your breasts, not a excess of fat flopping on the stomach. I want to caress the shape of your hips when I run my hands over your body, not you know.. If I am in the missionary position on you I don't want to be struggling to stay both on you and inside you.
I want to concentrate on screwing you in that love swing not wondering if we will rip it out of the ceiling because of weight and not lust.. When eating you on the table my focus should be on you, not the fact the table will break. I want the heads in a room male and female to turn because you are red hot, well put together, simply the best looking woman not the largest.

To summarize this first blog. I am a guy who loves women, is horny to the point of it being painful occasionally. Women you turn me on tremendously, I enjoy the wiggle in the walk, the way that silk dress accents your breasts and booty.. I love the sound and shape of your breasts as we pound each other hot, sweaty and skin to skin in bed, on the floor, in the car, or as I hold you up against the washroom wall in a restaurent or on a moutaintop at sunrise..I get turned on by almost any women, between 4ft 7 inches to 6ft 8 inches with average or stunning beauty. I enjoy the shape of all women as long they are not more than 20 to thirty pounds max overweight and take pride in their general appearance. I like the giggle in the talk, the wiggle in the walk. Marilyn Monroe was considered rubenesque not fat and Yes I would have screwed her with pleasure if it was attainable. After all I am a catch too you know.. Lol!

Ok folks there it is have at me..!Let it rip!

rm_redrover1966 50F
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11/18/2005 7:16 pm

I think your comments are very reasonable and healthy.
Everyone has preferences and I find yours very reasonable and you need give no excuses about it!
Happy Hunting and Best Wishes.

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