My male mind  

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11/18/2005 6:23 pm

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6/30/2006 12:10 pm

My male mind

I am a male. Lol! What a start.
I enjoy being male and many women enjoy males but are baffled by the male mind. I don't speak for anyone but me. Ladies let me try to offer insight into one male mind.

I enjoy women, currently to me that means a female between the ages of eighteen and up! I like women alone, in groups or when they hunt in packs. Specifically, for watching or sex I have standards. This is unusual according too many of my female friends because males are ruled by their penis and will screw ANYTHING female.

Nope, I am turned on by the following physical features which is what i look for or at first.

1. Face; Eyes and lips,lightly applied makeup complimenting her features and the smile on her face.
2. Body and walk; the anorexic shape has no appeal, neither does the grossly overwieght. Sure, I look at most fashion models, actresses, athletic women and damn I do enjoy the hourglass figure especially nude or in a two piece bikini.
The reality is I will chase a woman who looks good with a minimum of makeup on, The fiqure can be rubenesque 30-50 pounds over their ideal weight but showing a good fiqure. She dresses and walks with confidence. I am interested!

3. Breasts; I enjoy all sizes and shapes although I admit a women with great nipples and a large aureole makes my knees weak.

4. A womens neck; is appealing in my view. I think a neck open and available for kissing is a turn on.

5. Hair; I don't care about the colour or length over all. I enjoy long or shot hair, curly or straight . Hair to me is great to stroke but physically is a frame for the face and the neck. I admit a redhead with green eyes, or blond with blue eyes or black hair and almost any eyecolour is striking.

6. Teeth; Clean, white, accent the face. I and most males don't find yellow and full of cavities appealling..Beside running my tongue over clean teeth is sensual. I keep mine clean.

7. Legs; long shaved legs in high heels or shorter legs with a mini-skirt type. Damn almost instant hardon I love well shaped legs of all sizes and shapes especially in the air.

8. Ass; Damn woman another part of any attractive package. My ideal womans' is sensitive, well displayed in skirts, jeans long slinky dresses, be proud of that booty!

Now woman, we are close to each other I have seen plenty of the physical what about Mental and other interesting points.

1. I love a women with intelligence and opinions. Education level isn't always a measure of intelligence. I know a number of women who never passed high school but r very smart.

2. I enjoy both the submissive or switch type personality with a bisexual interest.

3. Self confidence; I look for a women with game who is willing to discuss and experiment with her and our sensuality.

1. A non smoking woman or a light smoker is important. I enjoy kissing both lips and neck areas. The scent of woman to me means smelling natural body odor and favourite soap or perfume tantilizing and teasing my mind and soul while we kiss. It's is a compliment to the woman along with the feel and touch of each other as we advance through foreplay.

2. Must love sex! If you look sexy and sometimes even if you don't in your view or are doing something that raises my sexual temperature. I will tell you and try to make you orgasm. If I can't screw you why not let you have some pleasure when you look sexy. So what if it's in public, I will try to be discrete but pleasing for you!

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11/18/2005 9:35 pm

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