I dream !  

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11/24/2005 12:46 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I dream !

I dream of the day when, I wake up with her lying beside me.

She is beautiful, not movie star on the screen beautiful, NO. She is beautiful, with a sensual smile that lits a fire in my groin. She is
beautiful, with her intelligence and ability to discuss world affairs or our relationship.
She is beautiful, with clean silky hair, fresh breath and the scent of a woman rising from between those lovely legs.

She is beautiful, as I watch her glide softly across the floor. She is beautiful, as she dresses for the upcoming day. She is beautiful, as she bends slowly over to smooth those nylons on her legs and adjust her garter. She is beautiful, as she recognizes I am watching her and slowly buttons up her silk top. She is beautiful, as her dress slowly slides up her legs and around her hips in manner both unplanned but sensual.

She is beautiful, as we both stand together in the kitchen. She is beautiful, when teasingly she puts a slice of toast between her teeth offering to share. She is beautiful, as she puts lipstick on her lips slowly running her tongue over them prior to stepping out the door.

She is beautiful, as she smiles softly, reaching a hand towards my pants and rubs my penis. She is beautiful, as I look upwards seeing her breasts and my hands carressing them. She is beautiful, as her legs gently close on the sides of my head and I hear a gentle moan. She is beautiful, as my lips taste a flowing feminine rains rushing towards my tongue and taste buds..

She is for now a dream! A beautiful sensual lady seeking nothing but mutual pleasure. We give,share,lust,communicate, our dreams!

I am therefore! I dream!

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