rm_eayrider 66M
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3/9/2006 6:33 pm

She walks into the room and heads turn. She is not a model,not some rich concited bitch in a Dior dress walking a poodle. She is a women who dresses well, carries herself with confidence. She walks in knowing that given the right mood any man or woman could be hers.

She isn't some Plastic Surgeon's girlfriend or mistress. She isn't a perfect 10 in looks. The dress worn is not the most expensive or even the shortest.Her breast aren't the biggest or most exposed. Heads still turn some look and wonder why? Others look and know!

It's all about sensuality that aura of sexual confidence. Sensuality, it makes some men want to submit to her desires others just desire, looking afraid to speak. This sensuality was praised in the Song "Fever" by R&B Artist Little Willie John in the fifties. ALL WOMEN want it only a few have it!

I don't want a ten. I want to catch the fever!

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