talented tongue won the battle but lost the war(lol)  

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11/13/2005 11:05 pm

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talented tongue won the battle but lost the war(lol)

had a ball tonite(sunday) with a lady in my network; u can call her t.t.(talented tongue) cause i sure do!

we spent the afterscrew jus talking about life in general when all of a sudden the conversation took a sudden turn into the ol skool hip hop (misnomer is known as ) and the music game.

We ended up talkin about tu socs and piggie large no sense and ja ruled-out shotup knight and p faggy and their hand in the destruction of hip hop (kool mo dee, talib kweli, mos def, public enemy, poor righteous teachers, common, grandmaster flash and the furious five and of course, eric b and rakim) as it ought to be again.

Where am I going with this? Hang on!

Lost in the shadow of our stimulating conversation that she and I were both engaged in so lively, was the fact that we laid there deep in that moment for close to two hours after her fourth orgasm and my rather serious not to mention very very very necessary climax.

T.T. and I have been buddies for a minute and she definetly gets major props for the great interaction between us, the hilarious circumstances that always seem to surround us on the not too often times we get together for whatever(this usually means clothes off, sex funky, and crackin jokes for the next twenty minutes while we get dressed).

It is true that T.T. and I have had this friendly competition going on between us for a while as we try to outwisecrack each other. This time it was different. It was not until this time that we engaged in conversation as broad as it was delightful. And that this happened after we both were recovering from the orgasm and/or super orgasm hangover haze...dass wussup yawl.

By the way woman...you may have won the battle(great head...really great head but u did'nt have 2 brag(lol))but u lost the war!!!

I admit that were it not for your curfew(lol) u might of had a shot a puttin it on me like letstalk215 did(u wish, lol). However sooner or later you realize that reality must set in(i said it--lol)

just like round one, round two goes to eatzya!!!
i kno i am probably gonna get it when u read this but i don't care(smile)

c ya wen i c ya

ha ha ha ha ha!

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