i know this is the wrong place for such a thought but...  

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11/11/2005 12:14 pm

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i know this is the wrong place for such a thought but...

having sex is cool...very cool! in fact it is more than needed and necessary...however having sex as opposed to making love is like comparing apples to oranges.

on this site in general most folks r here 2 get busy asap aoap(as often as possible). i acknowledge that my profile trends toward someone non committal.

i am non committal only with those women that are non committal. those woman that are open to committment shall find me open to committment.

i know the dreaded c word (committment)is anathema to most on this site however that does not mean that some of you ladies on the low are not looking for a miracle in the form of some one worth committing to.

to be certain...i am looking for a woman that will bare my children and assist me in the raising of those children. i pledge to work three jobs everyday for the rest of my life to feed, clothe, shelter, and in some cases spoil her and our children. let this be known well beyond question or dispute.

her job? faithfully give me head twice a day(every morning and every night no matter what) everyday for the rest of her life and be that strong ally by my side as i do what i must to secure and maintain the house that she makes our home.

now is that plain enough?

alright ladies...ante up! holla at me and tell me what it is...let a brotha know if he is on point.

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