Pleasures of the flesh..  

rm_easylisa1976 40F
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7/5/2006 6:23 am
Pleasures of the flesh..

Well, I spent the holiday giving the site another shot. I decided to fullfill a fantasy of mine and invited one the many black men that responded to come spend the afternoon with me.

I have to say.. I definitely understand where the saying comes from. I've never felt so satisfied as I did after having a large black man inside me. I'm still a bit sore.

His name is Chris and he was very respectful and polite. Yet he was forceful in bed. He definitely took control. He didn't hesitate to put on a condom which definitely made me respect him more.

Feeling him stretch me out made me wonder about those sites on the internet that I've seen where the girl has a whole group of black guys gang bang her. I've actually been wondering if that would feel good or just hurt. I dunno. Maybe I'll get up the courage to try it sometime. I doubt it'll be for a while though.

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