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12/4/2005 5:15 am

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Who throws away a USB cable, i'm serious what the hell is that about. I wanted to update my photo because i look quite a bit different to how i do in my pic (and i really hate that hat) i know have ridiculously thick curly hair that covers my eyes most of the time. so anyway i grab my digital cam and i get to it, a little snappy snappy, i take a crap load because i have no idea how they're gonna come out and when i finally get down to the PC the goddamn usb cable's gone, well thats just brilliant. i search hi and low but i can't find the thing anywhere. i mean really, what would make you do something like that "oh look a USB cable plugged into a USB port, guess that must need throwing away" aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhh
and deep breaths. it's ok because i found another one that fits and its all gonna be fine.
so i run the camera. Error, file not found. What the hell, file not found. oh no you didn't. oh, oh yes they did. "hey i wonder what this is, vivicam digital media, guess it must be junk, i'll delete it. oh and whilst i'm at it i'll just throw away the disk too." aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh
so, it'll be a little while longer before the new pics are here, i suppose if you really want to now what i look like you could take the photo into paint, remove the hat and draw a mess on my head-but a nice mess i must add.

Why did Jesus cross the road?

Cos he was nailed to the fuckin chicken


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