Happy new year  

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Happy new year

So how many people have decided to give up smoking, or drinking, or eating, or breathing, or fighting, or wanking?
a lot of people i imagine, so answer me this, what makes you believe that you have more will power this year than last year (when you most probably tried to give up the same thing, and failed, miserably)?
The thing is, if you were really serious about what ever it is that you're ejecting from your lifestyle then why have you waited til new years in order to change.
If you really wanted to better yourself why didn't you just do it when you first thought "that will be my resolution" why didn't you give up smoking a month ago!
Just a thought

It was Sunday, and the entire congregation was sitting inside its customary church. There were two interesting towns-people who had weird occupations during the Reverend's readings... A man who always fell asleep, and a woman who always knitted. It just so happened that the two ended up sitting next to one another in the front row this particular Sunday, each doing their respective thing (sleeping and knitting). The Reverend starts:
"Who is the creator of our great universe? Who gave us life to cherish and behold?"
At this point the lady who was knitting (with a double tipped needle) pokes one side of it (accidentaly) into the sleeping man's side. The man woke up and screamed "GOD!!"
"THAT'S CORRECT!!" the Reverend intoned. "Who is the son of God who came down to visit the earth, and who did die for our sins?"
The lady poked the poor guy again and he woke up screaming "JESUS CHRIST!!!"
"THAT'S CORRECT!!" the Reverend cried. "And what did Eve say to Adam after their last child?" The lady pokes him yet again and the man, finally fed up, yells: "STICK THAT THING INTO ME ONE MORE TIME AND I'LL BREAK IT IN TWO!!"

happy new year


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