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7/28/2006 9:14 pm

I am nearly 44 years old and have been married for almost 2o years to a wonderful woman named Kathy and I am David. We could not have kids so we tried the invitro and artificial ways. And after years of going thru hell we finally called it a truce and gave up. I was never one for trying to be a cheater at all. I am not saying that sex with us was good. It wasn't my wife was never really somebody who did like to do it. Other then she felt it was her duty to perform.
So after years of the most worthless sex little ole me starts looking for something better. I found the easiest way was to look on the internet.
Heck get on AOL and get in the chat rooms and you can get anything you want. But did i do that yes but only once. That was all it took for me to find the woman i would fuck for six years now.
Donna is about 5'11 white same age as me and the most beautiful black hair and dark eyes with large double dd breast. That make's a man want to roll over and beg for buttermilk. The first time we met after a few months of chatting online. she came to my house after my wife went to work. I can tell you she walks in and there was no need for too much talking. We grabbed each other and straight to the bedroom we go. Our hands roamed all over each other. It took all of five or six seconds to remove each other's clothes. I had those magnificant tits in my hands sucking and licking them and squezzing the hell out of those monsters. She was moaning like hell as she pulled off my shirt and pants revealing my hard thick cock. She fell back on to the bed spreading her legs as i climbed on top of her and rammed that big boy home. That was the wettest pussy i have felt since I was single. We fucked for hours cumming several with me shooting more in her then I had with my wife in a year. That day started a love affair that has two sad married people loving each other for six wonderful years. Over those years we have made love more to each other. Then our spouse's. And have brought two wonderful children in to this world. Even though they think that her husband is thier father. I would not change anything in the world. For what we have given each other means more to me and her then our lousy marriages ever could.

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