Hell of a saturday  

rm_dweezie2 30M
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7/30/2006 9:55 am
Hell of a saturday

Well my saturday night was funny as hell. Friend of mine threw a party because his parents always leave him the house for the weekends so its the natural drinking and hang out spot. So we go over there chill watching t.v and my friend has this "fuck buddy" that he met from myspace with him. So they start doing there thing on the couch and I slide past them not looking to give them there privacy.

Well one of my friends was drunk as hell and said "I want to watch because i am a pervert." WTF man, thats sick. Why the hell do you want to watch some girl get a finger in her vagina just because your a pervert. His explanation was that its "free porno". My explanation was that he's a sick bastard, which most of you will agree. So they head down to the basement to have sex and good ol friend M goes right behind them because he so desperately wants to see sex. He said he was trying to make sure my friend lost his virginity right......i mean you stick your penis into a hole, duh. So he's downstairs watching them for an hour when D and I are upstairs watching a movie.

So later on after we drop the girl off M is like man it was so great i watched her suck his wee-wee and stuff. Yeah, moral to the story. Don't watch people in real life have sex of any kind, just join this website and try to get some of your own.


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