hmmm... how about this...  

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8/9/2005 12:13 pm

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hmmm... how about this...

well I've never posted before, but I'll tell you about this place. yeah, it's kinda like south park without all the paranormal activity. We got stoners tweakers cokeheads and drunks. there's nothing to do at night except get drunk and/or have sex. the computer allows us to broaden our horizons by interacting with others on the outside and ordering just about anything under the sun. I work in food and retail, and my wife is in hospitality. we live in a town that has 2 major seasons. we have a ski season, and a fishing season. ski season brings all the rich bossy (left my brain at home)tourists with total spoiled brats and tons of dough. fishing season brings the geriatrics and their families up for summer music and art festivals and of course, the 1,001 lakes in the area. we take time off for vacations or camping during the week, because that is when business is slow. my budiest day of the year is not payday before tax day or some such, it's christmas day, and thanksgiving.

so enough about work...
We like camping and picnicing. i'm teaching her how to ride a bike. o and if you like getting drunk, how about doing it at 8000 feet. 2 shots and you're drunk. i snowboard, she skis.
i eat, she cums, blah blah blah

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