~To all you HOT CANCER guys/gals out there.....  

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~To all you HOT CANCER guys/gals out there.....

Zodiac Sign

Cancer (The Crab)
June 21-July 22

Personality Traits

If you were born under the sign of the crab, you are very friendly and approachable. You are always willing to help a friend in need. When it comes to other people's feelings, you are very sensitive and emotional. You always try hard to please everyone. Forgiveness comes naturally for you, but you never forget mistakes made by others. Many people consider you to be a social butterfly and are drawn to your charisma. Though you have plenty of friends, you also enjoy spending time alone.

Your Sexual Personality

You are someone who feels sexy, looks sexy, and really knows the ropes when it comes to lovemaking. Your sex appeal is more overt than others and your sexual confidence and awareness are particularly high.

July Facts

On the early Roman calendar, July was called Quintilis, which meant fifth month. When Julius Caesar changed the calendar in 44 B.C., it became the seventh month of the year. Then, when Caesar was assassinated the next year, Quintilis, the month in which he had been born, was renamed Julius (July) in his honor. However, the name change was not made legal until four months later, when the appearance of a comet was taken to be a sign of Caesar's power.

Birthstone - The Ruby

The birthstone for the month of July is the ruby. In the Middle Ages, rubies were believed to guard against wicked thoughts, desires and disputes. They were also believed to bring good health. Many people felt that the ruby could warn its owner of coming misfortunes. It is said that Catherine of Aragon, first wife of King Henry VIII, was able to predict her downfall from the darkening of her ruby.

The word ruby is derived from the Latin word "ruber," which means red. It was once used to describe all red stones, including red tourmaline and red garnet. Ancient Hindus, Burmese and Ceylonese regarded sapphires as unripe rubies. They believed that if they buried a sapphire in the ground, it would mature to a rich red ruby.

Flower of the Month

The special flower for the month of July is the larkspur, also known as the delphinium. The confusion over names comes from the difference of opinions regarding what the flower resembles. Greeks believed that the flower resembled dolphins, and they named the flower "delphinium," derived from their word for dolphin. However, others thought the flower resembled part of the lark; hence the names "larkspur," "lark's heel" and "lark's claw."


Payroll Withholding Tax Instituted
July 1, 1943

Bikini Introduced
July 5, 1946

Korean War Ends
July 27, 1953

Neil Armstrong Becomes First Man to Walk On Moon
July 20, 1969

In the Good Old Days of July

In July 1953, the average annual income was $4,011. A new house cost $9,525 and a new car cost $1,651. A gallon of gas for that new car cost $0.20.

Don't you wish we could pay those prices now?


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i'm a cancer born in June. So what does that make me?

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