School Girl! (Erotica)  

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4/19/2005 4:14 pm

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School Girl! (Erotica)

Me in my pretty pig tails and and little blue skirt.
I have white stockings on with a little white shirt.
My features are fresh, never been tasted except by my mind.
Thought of you today, taking me from behind.
I have black shiny shoes and lacey panties too.
I can feel the moisture of me all the way threw.
I call you in my room just to see you smile.
Knowing all along I would want it after while.
I tell you I need... like never before.
The fantasies, that lingering
In my head my body's not sure.
You close the door behind you... with out a Second thought.
You whisper in my ear, tonight you will be Taught.
You taste my lips and grab me close...
I am lost in deep breaths as I had imagined so.
Your hands lead down under my shirt...
As I follow lift up my skirt.
You tell me not to be shy...
Telling me to open my eyes.
My heart jumps and I know I'm way over my Head.....
But the emotions are not the same ...I want to Feel it instead.
You pick me up with a firm tight grip.
Neatly holding me on the wall you grab my hips.
Still my panties are on; you want me to feel...
Beg for you, know that you are real.
Fantasy's that raced threw my mind just days before.
All came to reality when you closed the door.......
I wanted you to know just what I had in Mind.
The feeling of you inside me, I think will do Just fine.
I beg you to show me, please me, and fulfill my Night time dreams.
Tease me, lick me, taunt me as it seems.
I want to embrace what my heart desires.
I will crave you, to taste you, to know your Body is on fire.
I will give you, my wetness, my freshness, my Whole heart.
I would spread my legs; lie on my back, open My eyes, for starts.
I would call you what you needed me to say...
I would ask you to get over me so we could Play.
I would let out screams of pleasures.
My dreams, could never measure.
Watching you play with my curls.
I would beg you to fuck your school girl...


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