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rm_duke9747 49M
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6/29/2006 11:39 am

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6/29/2006 11:49 pm

email ettiquete

So the other night I was cruising the site, and I admit I was horney and looking, I get a email from the site from 2 different people who want to meet, so I start thinking to myself that this could be a very interesting evening. Well I respond to each in turn and ask them to email my regular email as I am only a standard member. Well as I get into the chat via email with these 2 different people ( two conversations with 2 people neither know this is going on) The one person really starts piquing my interest and mails to me what they would like to happen as I show up at there place, they really played into one of my little fetishes, and after reading one email that was just soooo sexy my whole body, And YES MY WHOLE BODY EVEN MY COCK, starts to tingle, so I decide this was the person I wanted to hook up with, but I would continue the chat with the other person in case the first one get's too weird or flakey. By the way the second person was no where as interesting as the first but the thought of a back up encounter in case the first went south was okay. So as we, me and the hot mail are setting up a rendevous according to the prvious hot mail, I lost them, they were gone. So I turn to the second one and continue chatting with them while trying to reestablish a conversation with the first person ( NO GO ) Then as plans are being made to rendevous with the second person, they too vanish. I guess what I am saying is that neither one told me they had to go, or sorry guy I just don't think things will work or whatever, they just stop replying. Now I am no psycho or anything, never been arrested never had the police called on me for anything other than lighting firworks. Never failed a psche eval for several jobs I had where you had to take a psche eval. I don't stalk people, I think that I am very laid back. But for these two people to just up and disappear ???

Just saying guy's, if your not connecting with whomever, at least have the curtesy to let the person know.

sevenup75 50M
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6/29/2006 12:02 pm

are you sure these people existed. I think this site use their personel to try to get standard members to become paying members.

Mamacat56 60F

6/29/2006 12:11 pm

duke.....You are so right! But looking from my side as a lady who has chatted for YEARS!! I can tell if a guy is chatting with more then just me . If you are responding to slow its a huge clue!
Ohh you Wisconsin men are naughty aren't you?lol... I know first hand I had a lover from your great state for 2 years!

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