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rm_dude4u1961 55M
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3/11/2006 10:31 am

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4/12/2007 8:53 pm

Getting started

Well, it is Saturday. Working again, but finding some time to check out the site, learn how to use it,etc..

I started out as a standard memeber, like most folks here. It was a start, but a little frustrating too. You could see people, get some initial information, but contact beyond winking was just a challenge. So, I winked a lot into cyberspace. What I realize is that lots of folks get more winks than they can respond to (or may want to). So, I upgraded to Silver for the month. Now, I can see the profiles, the pics, the interests. And that helps a lot. But, it becomes harder for the standard's to contact you. And there are a lot of standard members that might be the match I am seeking. So, to try and meet then i needed to make it difficult for them to contact me.

I beleive the solution lies on accpeting an invitation to someones network. We'll see and go from there.

Things learned:
Upgrade to a memebrship (especially for guys), if only for a month. You'll be able to see what the profiles are and better match to what you are looking for.
Discrete means discrete. Don't click it if you don't want it. Don't ask for face pics - sort-a defeats the purpose, though Iknow the face is very important to the women. The face comes with the body - chat, see if you want to meet, then accept or reject.

It has only been a few weeks. But it has been interesting. Lots of people looking for lots of different things. I will say that some of the women's pictures have been outstanding. Thank you to the people that provided them.


rm_dude4u1961 55M
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3/16/2006 12:30 pm

Well, I setup a second id to see what happens. And now I know. If you send an e-mail, you can receive an e-mail. At some point, I would like to know how standard members can e-mail each other with out upgrading or otherwise coughng up a credit card.

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