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8/9/2005 6:17 pm

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first blog

Is there a yin and yang in the relationship universe?
I am a typical artist type, you can't seperate me from my camera or drawing/painting tools, and my ex is a normal lawyer type, logic and more logic. We tried for a long time to keep it together, but it didn't work. Couldn't get blood from a turnip, beating a dead horse and any other cliche you can think of. I used to think opposites attract and we provided balance to each others lives, but as life went on, we got further apart. She found my music irritating (alternative/downtempo/dj) and there is only so much classic rock out there, BORING!
She wouldn't go to gallery openings with me and I was always dragged to her legal functions, blah-blah-law.

What are everyone's thoughts and experiences on this?

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