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2/19/2006 10:10 am

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7/5/2006 9:22 am


I wake up everyday to run to my computer. Hurry! Hurry! Maybe 1 of the wonderful women I winked at last night will have responded by now. NO LUCK! Now you sit back wondering, is it me? Or is it there is so much competition I get looked over? You see a really sexy girl, notice the red X by age. That means you are too old for this young cutie that just asked for a guy with experience. I know I have that, damn I'm 35! Didn't get this age by being a sorry, wham bam thank u mam kinda guy. The beautiful ones go for the hunks I guess. Now she is on his dick! Message after message. They chat, set up a meeting. They meet! They fuck! She waits for a call the next morning. Never gets one. WHY? Because you went for the green grass on the other side of the fence. I guess because that's what floats your boat. Now he has fucked the shit outta ya! You wanted that but what you didn't want was to never hear from him again. Do you feel like a plum ass or do you just brush it off and continue like nothing happened. Everyone one has a soft spot in there heart! Am I among the heartless here? Is I wanna fuck the shit outta you and leave your ass the way to get a reply? Do I wanna just show off my dick to get some pussy? Why not want to get to know the face you just saw briefly, but the ass i just saw got my dick hard. Let me send her a wink. Will she ever wink back? Fuck NO! Why not? Because you are sincere with your words and you mean what you say. I guess I'll try the lying ass dog lines. Maybe I'll find something I don't want.

What is there to do?

I see a female that is really close by. Oh my! She is looking for the same thing I want. Let me send her a message.

I noticed your profile, you sound very interesting. Can we chat and get to know each other.

Wait for your reply! You'll be dead and gone before you get one!

DO this!

Nice ASS!
Wanna go out and have a drink and cum back to my place so I can fuck and suck your pussy!

Sure Dr. Call me when you make it here.

Now you've driven over 100 miles to find out the picture you've been slobbing on was taken 10 yrs ago and the rest looks like it's been rode hard and put up wet on several occasions. What a waste of gas!
What do you do?

She likes what she sees in you but the feeling is not mutual! Do you give it a shot, fuck her quick and start your journey back home or what?
You feel like an asshole beat down with no lube! THROBBIN' !!!!!!!

I'm all fed up with this sight! I've had no luck finding exactly what I want because I'm always looked over for some odd reason.

I hope one of you gorgeous caucasian women read this. You know the one I've sent 15 winks and 5 emails with no reply. If I ain't the guy you think, just say that, I just would like a fair chance to get to know you. I could end up a good friend. You might end up fuckin my brains out and loving it! I just never get the chance to show what I really have to offer.

rm_denise364 46F
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9/3/2006 8:29 pm

Hey J.C. I am not white and I geuss you think that I am just playing games,but I am not.
You know the compatibility score said that we was compatible.What do you think.
You I am really looking for somebody to love and treat me right because I have had it hard finding that.
I am a good fuck but I just want to try and get more if I can.
I don't even know why I started this because what is for me it's for me.
But I still want to meet you to see if you like what you see.
Your friend Denise

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