The date that lasted 15 mins  

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2/12/2006 5:15 pm

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The date that lasted 15 mins

Last night, I had another date. But this time there was something else on the agenda--sex. I had talked to this girl at least a few times online and arranged to meet Saturday night in Hagerstown. I was already going to a friend's birthday party that night so I figured that would save me a long drive. I put a lot of effort into preparing myself Saturday afternoon if the occasion arose--an extra shower, bought a new shaver to clean up those places where the sun doesn't shine, and put some good looking clothes on.

Despite all the snow, I made it to the party around 8:30 up in Frederick and was waiting to put some food in my stomach. I had a drink and finally got some food, but by then it was time for me to take off and meet up with this girl. I guess it did seem a little awkward that I was picking her up from her place and driving off considering she doesn't even know me, but she doesn't live alone so I guess that could be part of it. I got there a little late, sliding around in the snow on the way there. I waited outside but I guess she wasn't looking out her window and didn't respond to a honk.

I finally got a hold of my older sister and asked if she could see if someone was online for me. The girl was, so she told her hat I was waiting outside. When she came out, she was a little different from what I expected, although she didn't have a picture so what can you expect right? Well that's the last time I will meet someone without any pictures. Though even when they do have a picture sometimes there's things you can only tell in person. So shame on me. I asked if she wanted to stop for a couple drinks at a nearby bar and she said she didn't have her ID--weird, but ok. Then she told me how to get on 40 where there's a bunch of motels.

So we're trying to find one, but the entire time I'm thinking--I need to get out of this. For starters, I didn't find her physically attractive at all, and she was starting to scare me talking about how she moved in with these people to stay away from her stepfather because she had to file a restraining order and then kept talking about her exes, and said she dated a guy named Omar in Gaithersburg and asked if I knew him. Definitely not topics you want to bring up, and no, Gaithersburg has probably close to 100,000 residents--so I don't know an Omar.

Somehow I had to break it to her before things went any further without being a complete a-hole. I pulled over and explained that I wasn't physically attracted to her but had nothing to do with her, just my specific tastes. I told her how I felt about having to say that and asked if she had ever experienced the same thing to help her understand how I felt. I drove her home and then went back to the party and crashed for the night because of the roads. This sort of situation always seems to give me the most awkward and awful feelings, having to say that someone without hurting their self-esteem. Was there any other way I could have gone about telling her this? I had hoped to go for a drink so I could make some excuse from there. Did I lead her on?

I will definitely try to avoid these situations from now on! On a side note, the party was fun, didn't get any sleep though. Just got up a couple of hours ago after driving back. I learned what Pigeon is, and how to play a Ghanian game.

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