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10/25/2005 2:58 pm

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Well, I have a question for all the ladies out there with any respect for there own age and maturity? Got your attention?

I was pondering all through work today because honestly the day was really slow and boring, go figure!! I was thinking why in this world some one doesnt deserve the respect to have a reply to an email...I know, I know...."that is the whole point to choice!!"...yeah, WHATEVER!! out of pure respect, I reply to every email I recieve, just because I think the other person has the courtesy to find out what you think!! Is that too much to ask for, I guess so! I respect all the women in here and I understand that yes there is 10 times more guys on this site than women. BUT, I wouldnt care if every women emailed me, I would still find the time to reply. Even if it is one of the quick replies! its not hard!! You ladies desided to pay to join or you are a standard contact. I paid extra every month to have you ladies be able to reply directly to my profile, that includes standard contacts. So, if I emailed some one, I would expect the same respect to recieve a reply from which I took the time to pay for it and email you on any type of topic. Most of the time I dont even say messed up things to you ladies!! I joke around hope you get a laugh out of it! BUT how would I know since you cant respect me enough to reply back. It could be a 'hahaha' and thats it. Doesnt hurt my feelings, but at least it was some thing that showed you saw my meesage.

So ladies, please I beg of you!! PLEASE!! at least read the email and if it is funny, clever, sweet, a compliment....please, send something...

And yes for you sexest women out there, "get respect when given respect." I respect every women until you disrespect me. And when I put a smile on your face from an email, I would sure enjoy the return to put a smile on my face!!!

And remember this, told to me buy a great man... "Judgement is for the week and boring!!" I wont judge you so I'll be damned if some one has the gall to judge me!!

I hope the best for everyone in here. Good luck, be good (if possible!), and stay safe!!

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