Will He or Won't He?  

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3/7/2006 5:24 pm

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Will He or Won't He?

Sometimes I wonder if he will press his body against mine. Will I feel his desire pulsing hotly? He keeps me guessing, teasing me and will stop touching me if I respond to him before he is ready for me to.

He is in his dominate mood. I tell him that I am not familiar with this kind of play but he only smiles at me and tells me I will soon learn all he wishes me to know.

He understands our sexual attraction have its own energy and it is an incredible rush to feel it building between us. But I am not to respond until he gives me permission.
What am I to do?

He tells me that since I am not being submissive, he doesn't want me. And until I learn not to respond until he tells me to I am not to be in his presence.
I am failing this.

Other times he will tell me what his fantasies are; such at this one:
To unzip my jeans, let them lay around my ankles, bend me at the waist, and thurst inside my pussy. He said it will be hard and fast. And if I do not respond to his commands he will not let me have an orgasm until I learn the correct behavior.

Will I ever get this right?

The lust between us is vibrating and my pussy is moist. My lover has that effect on me.......

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