Pain or Pleasure  

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1/31/2006 4:33 pm

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Pain or Pleasure

My lover wraps his arms around me as we move towards the bed. Positing me on my stomach, and raising to my knees as his fingers massage my ass, caressing, making me hot as my pussy begans to lubricate itself.

He starts to spank my butt. The hits were not enough to hurt but it was just enough to cause the heat to spread as my boobs began to swell and become aroused as my nipples touched the sheet.

My lover knows that when he smacks my ass it drives me into a sexual frenzy. Oh yes! I love it.

The sensation of being spanked and then having my lover's body lying on top of mine rendering me helpless and buring with sexual tension is making me moan in surrender.

I treasure the experience and pleasure of having my lover slide his hand between my thighs as his fingers caress my pussy, my ass is heated and burning, my pussy is full of cream, ready.

My aroused pussy is pulsing to life, as my pink clit throbs, i moan trying not to beg for more. And just when i think that i can't stand the delicious pleasure anymore, my lover scoops up the essence and rubs my anal opening, easing his finger into my untried hole.
When he did that i almost lost it then and there. Damn! that felt delicious. He moved that finger slowly inside, stroking deeper until it was buried in my ass.

As i have never been touched, caressed or penetrated anally before. This was a sensation i had never known, but i was becoming a convert. As i moaned with pleasure, his finger slide in and out slowly, relaxing my ass for what was to come.

He has me in such a hazy, sexual frenzy i did not realize i was in the perfect position for him. My ass was raised in the air, my head was resting on my folded arms. All i could think was if he doesn't hurry up and fuck me i am going to die slowly.

As i raise my head to look back at him i notice his thick and full cock and wonder how it is going to fit in my virgin ass hole. Will it be possible?

Then he scooped up more of my pussy juice and rubbed it in and around my hole again, spreading the rim slowly.

This is so sensual, so depraved, being held down as my lover caress my tight hole which has become so sensitive.

The moment of truth arrives when i feel the head of his cock pressing against my hole. I can feel his pre-cum mix with my juices causing liquid heat and surge as it eases the way for his cock to enter my ass.

I am aching for him to bury his cock inside me. But on the other hand i am scared by the act of his dominating me in this position that is overwhelming me. I feel so many different emotions now.

I can feel the head of his cock slip pass my tight anal ring, his cock is throbbing, filling my ass with such heat that it stunned me. His hands hold my hips in place as his body leans above me, then he begans to work that thick tip in and out as his cock sinks deeper with each stroke, creating a fire, deep in my ass. I feel such pleasure and pain as his cock slide inside my tight ass.

I didn't want to know anything except the feel of my lover's cock sliding up my ass, stretching and buring as i move beneath him.

All i could do was moan in pleasure under his weight, moaning at each time he penetrated my hole, the sucking sound of my ass as it hugged his cock pushing me to an orgasm. My clit throbbed as the pleasure in my ass sent me into oblivion.

What a sensation of sensual pleasure to experience with my lover.

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