How Can He Think That I Do Not Desire Him?  

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2/24/2006 8:29 pm

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How Can He Think That I Do Not Desire Him?

My entire body clench in reaction to his voice. Heat spreads like a raging inferno of need when he touches me. The pain of it all gives way to erotic pleasure.

The caress of his tongue heightens the ache of need, as his mouth glides over my neck, face, eyes, and then press against my mouth.

I moan and press my body closer to his, craving more. The pleasure is so intense that it borders on pain, as his mouth moves over my belly, lower to explore the center of my pleasure zone.

I'm frantic to have him. To feel him deep inside me.. The need is so strong, so intense that my entire body trembles. Everywhere he touches me, kiss me, I ache and burn for more.

Next, he parts my thighs. The air explodes from my lungs as he tastes me, he strokes and caress me, releasing more lubricating juices. I moan his name as a plea for mercy.

At times like this, I have never wanted him more than I do at this moment in time. And he should know by now that as my lover only he can complete me.

My fingers grab the sheets as waves of ecstasy flows over and through my heated body. Then I transfer my hold to his head because I don't want to burn alone.

I feel him as he slide on top of me, his hips settling lovingly into the cradle of mine. I am wet, hot and slick, so tight as he enters me. One slow inch as a time, teasing me, but I know he won't be able to go slow much longer.

Both of our bodies tremble with pleasure as he grabs my hips and surge forward to bury his cock deep deep inside me. My senses are heightened, my body is so sensitized to his every movement that it sends dazzling pleasure through me.

His cock is thrusting deep, with long hard surges. The intensity of it, the dark sweeping joy. Oh, God! There is only the heat and fire melting us as I feel him erupting and that sets off another orgasm in my body.

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