Hot Oil Massage and more............  

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2/24/2006 8:42 pm

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Hot Oil Massage and more............

A sensual body massage is just what I need.
I crawl onto the bed and stretch out on my stomach.

My lover grabs my foot and starts to rub it. I it feels so good. His thumb is making little circles on my arch. I groan in satisfaction when his hands move to my calves, squeezing, stroking, kneading. His hands moves further up the inside of my thighs, leaving an erotic ache deep within me.

My lover remembers that the most important part of a massage is the neck and shoulders. So, when he straddles me and gently kneads my tired muscles I groan out loud. His hands are strong and talented, easing away tension. He rubs his thumbs over the nape of my neck, and a delightful warmth trickle along my spine. I can feel the heat radiating from his fingers, to every part of my body, increasing my desire. His hands are doing legitimate massage techniques, but he is naked and straddling my hips as his cock does things between my legs. And then he starts to massage my butt, now that is so arousing.

His hands move along my back and shoulders as I bury my face in the pillow. I am on fire.

His fingers press against the sides of my breasts, pulling at them gently as he caress my back.

The need for him is building in me with each passing second. I want him so desperately.

If he keeps this up I am going to have an orgasm.

The man is driving me insane with his touch!!!!

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