Fantasy Lover  

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1/31/2006 3:55 pm

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Fantasy Lover

As i move my hands over his body, my nails biting into his skin as he moans his pleasure.

This is my lover's body that i worship, lust after desire to lick savoring the taste of him.

just the thought of my lover have me so wet and hot for him, the sensitive lips of my pussy parts easily as his fingers slide between them. The reaction of my hips react in anticipation, my swollen clit throbs to be touched. So wet and creamy for him now. Waiting.....

Only for his pleasure.

He spreads my thick chocolate thighs slowly. Then he tells me that he has "never seen anything as arousing as the silken lips of my pussy opening up for him." The dark blush of the inner flesh, a passion fruit i want him to become addicted to everytime he tastes me.

When he is eating my pussy he likes for me to play with my breasts. He likes to watch my fingers playing with the nipples, to hear me moan in pleasure; that excites him so much.

He always say's i taste like midnight and dreams.
I haven't figured out what that means as yet.

Oh! my lover

I can hardly wait for my lover to suck my clit as his tongue circles around it as he begans to suck it harder. I writher with pleasure crying out his name, begging for release. But he likes to show me that he is the dominate one, so he torments me with the pleasure of his mouth.
Damn! i want and need to cum so bad it hurts.

He moves down further, his tongue plunging into the pink recesses of my pussy just as my moans increase. My knees are bent, thighs spread wide, as my hands hold his head to my pussy, my hips began to pump, i press my pussy against his mouth as i feel my orgasm building.
And at that moment he stops. I hate it when he does that!!!!!!!!!!
But i know what he wants as he pulls me into a sitting position.

My hands caress his ass. And like the bitch in heat he knew me to be, i devour him in return. I let my hands wrap around his cock, my lips open, as my lips automatically began to close around the swollen head of his cock, so sensitive and alive.

At times like this we are hotter, sweeter and more intense than anything we could have imagined. As i suck his cock with greedy, slippery abandonment.

His balls began to tighten as my hand massages them, sucking his cock urging them to give up his sweet ambrosia.

Despite his attempts to hold back his release he can't deny ectasy for even a second longer as the head of his cock hit the back of my throat making him forget why he wants to deny my.

As i sucked the last drop of creme from his throbbing cock, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and pressed me back onto the bed and crawled between my thighs.
My legs circled his hips as he pressed the swollen head of his cock at the entrance of my pussy. I am hot, my liquid heat covers his cock making him shudder with need once again. Then he eases that joy stick home, as i fight the raging tempest growing inside me. My body demands release, only his touch as i feel his cock stretch my pussy. All i see are stars and my moans....

Oh God! not again

Why does wanting him so much, hurt so much?

Must i make the final break from him, can i actually do it?

Will i find happiness?

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