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2/18/2006 6:15 pm

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I move my hands with loving patience over the ridges of his hips, his buttocks, slowly moving my hands around his thighs.

My hands cradle the think, hard length of his cock, memorizing the feel and shape of his heavy erection.

The flames of arousal dances over his skin, as my fingers trace every inch of him. His body tense and goes taut as every muscle contracts in reaction to the caressing strokes of my hands.
I need to know every inch of him.....

Somewhere between torment and ecstasy, my mouth close over his cock, hot and moist and suckling strongly.

His fingers find my hair, hold me to him while his hips find a gentle rhythm. It's sweet torment. Fire burns in his belly and spread through his body until flames are consuming him.

I know what I want, and I WANT HIM. I want him to make wild, passionate love to me. I tell his this as my fingers move over his body, caressing, playing. I kiss his belly, his chest, leaning into him to nibble on his chin.

He smell so good. Clean and sexy and so very tempting. A sexual rhythm goes through our bodies so sharp that we both shudder with pleasure of it all. The hunger. Our need is so intense we burn throughout every cell.

The aching need is torment!

My lover, I beg him to take me.......

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