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3/1/2006 7:50 pm

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I was dreaming last night of a hot, moist mouth pulling at my nipples, of hands stroking my hot body. Of lips traveling down my bare skin to my navel, swirling kisses and teasing bites over my stomach. Hands on my thighs tugging my legs apart. I'm already damp with anticipation.

I open my eyes as the waves of sensations burst through me like molten lava.

His fingers move inside my pussy, finding secret ways to send fire through my veins. And then his tongue take the place of his fingers, stabbing deep, tasting and teasing and caressing me until I was crying with joy. Then orgasm after orgasm coarsed through me so hard that I pressed against his mouth as it devoured me, claiming me, giving me sheer pleasure.

I clench my fingers in his hair, holding on tight for dear life while I took that wild ride on his tongue. Then he takes possession of me, kneeling between my legs, dragging my hips to him, thrusting deep with powerful strokes while I cum over and over in a mind blowing orgasms.

That is how my lover awakens me from a sound sleep............

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