Can You See Me?  

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2/24/2006 9:17 pm

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Can You See Me?

I can't resist the temptation any longer. I stand in front of him, as he reaches for me, his hand slides up my thigh, caressing the inside of my leg with graceful, expert fingers. My body responds instantly with heated liquid desire, of eager anticipation of the sheer magic waiting for me.

His hands urge me closer, and as usual I go, standing between his legs while his palm find my wet pussy, pressing heavenly in exploration. Flashes of light burst behind my eyelids, a shower of brilliant colors, while my body pulse with pleasure. His fingers slip inside, and my pussy clench around his fingers.

I had to fix my balance when my legs almost gave out. My hips push against his hand wanting more, wanting him.

Being impatient, I move forward and straddle his thighs so that he has no choice but to remove his hand and allow me what I need. My hunger is rising fast, ravenous, an insatiable appetite that only my lover can appease momentarily. I settle my body over his. His cock is so thick and hard as it slides into my pussy slowly, filling me, stretching me, until the tight friction is so incredible and perfect and everything is ever wanted.

My breasts graze his chest as I began to move with heated rhythm, with all the passion inside me as I wait for him, waiting for my lover. I ride him hard and fast, slowly and leisurely, giving us both exquisite pleasure. I feel everything. The texture of his skin, and the endless rush of an orgasm that shake our world and leave us in complete harmony.

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