The Dreaming  

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2/13/2006 10:01 am

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The Dreaming

Through the mists and into your presence
Sought you out, followed your essence
I walked today along the dreaming road
Read your message in lover’s code

So whenever you’re ready to start
To let the past just fall apart
To say more than what sounds right
To live your life in one fateful night

I run and wait at your stage door
Call your name, I can’t do more
Awaiting there, as true as north
Through the crowds I now burst forth

Without a reason, clue or sign
Calming the trouble within my mind
Whisper the spell that can’t be broken
To hear my prayer, thoughts unspoken

Questions of the mind, now on the lips
Doubts and fears, our reason eclipse
You know that it is always so hard
To push these things just a little too far

We’ll light the matches
And then burn some bridges
Time to give up or time to give in
Take a chance to lose, and perhaps win

So, I’m waiting with our tickets and a caveat
Do you want to chance this thing we’ve got?
Was it chance that we did collide?
With eyes closed shut and hearts open wide?

Shall we leave behind love’s ancient history?
Shall we solve love’s unsolved mystery?
This passion, now you did set free
The moment when you first kissed me.

Then the darkness begins its inevitable fade
And I’m drawn back into reality’s masquerade
With every step wrong, every song full of strife
I awaken again, too late for my life

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