Fantasy sex-part 1.....  

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1/2/2006 2:50 am

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Fantasy sex-part 1.....

Hi all{and all those pretty things cat walking here at the AdultFriendFinder...}

This is one of the close to my heart and the most desired sexual fantasy i would like to have it with my girl friend!!

Due to most Indian females i have met and have had relationship so far, have unartistic, uncreative and nondextrous mentality about the most satisfying endeavours/acts of all in life-SEX!!they just get the least of the pleasures when they can get bountiful and are content with that!thinking the pleasures of sex is only that limited!!but hey no....

Am very ambitious and have a creative bent of mind when it comes to this physical encounters in life!!Imagine leaving this worldly life,without knowing the nuances of sex!!like a person watching just the titles of a movie and leaving the cinema hall thinking thats the movie!!

Anyways, my fantasy goes like this.....

Am travelling in BMW sports variety car zooming from one part of the city to a neighbouring city.time is about 2:30 PM at noon and hardly any other vehicles in that highway!!

Am wearing a sweat shirt and a jean clinging tightly onto me!!After driving for about 3 hours straight, i suddenly feel my car giving odd noises before it comes to a halt!!chcking the negine i see its hot as a dormant volcano!!

I reach out for my water can looking around for a house where i can fill water for my car!!saw a farm house at a distance!!and start walking towards it.i had to cross a corn field in between to reach the house!!

As am half way in midst of corns,swaying higher up my waist on either side, i notice a mild whining sound!!

Curious i walk towards the sound and in middle of the corn field i see a beautiful farm lass,about ripe 24-25 year old, on the ground barely concious!!her upper part of dress-a shirt-is soaked in sweat and clinging to her bod and lower part of her dress- a skirt-is raised to her thigh level!!rushed to her side to give her my medical attnetion!1

I could see she was breathing but think she was in her convulsions due to some medical condition!!i immediately rush to nearby water pipe,fill the can rush towards her and pour it into her beautiful mouth,guarded by the most luscious lips i have seen!!

She opened her eyes for a moment but again closed her eyes as if in pain and het hands starts to massage her chest!!understood she has heart ache due to dehydration!!i immediatley knelt beside her,checked her pulse which was faint and checked her breath which had become shallow!!

Immediatley i put my palm on her chest between her firm yet beautiful big breasts and start to apply artificial respiration!!and then i close her nostrils by my fingers and slolwy bent down to blow air into her open mouth!!

That instant i was high on my help mode so wasnt thinking anything bad about it!!afte few minutes of such acts repeated i could feel her breath good but now it had strangely become more fast!!
then i held my hand on her chest to feel her heart beat,and slolwy i bend my head to her chest hoping to hear her beats too!!

Then it happend!!suddenly ahnd holds my head in that position to her breats!!i was stunned and slowly just could manage to look up to see that lass, eyeing me in the most sexual way!!now she holds me close and whispers"please ....."

Thatwas enough for me who was already had anmd erect on being close to that wild,rural beautiful lady with rustic looks and with smell of seat which was equally arousing!!

I slowly bent down to brush my lips all along her cleavage!!then i raisd my head,raisd myself to her lips and slolwy but strongly started to chew her lips!!she reciprocated with equal zest and stated to chew my lower lip in gusto!!

my hands were now on her cheeks and i started to lick all over her face andkiss her face and then her neck!!she was making that noise of a wild animal and whispered "please make me beg!!please harder.."

I understood she doesnt need that soft,slow sex!!she was that stronger sexually aroused perosn and needs hard and heavy pumping!!

My aproach changed and i started to biyte her lips and my hands were on her breasts-kneading them, rolling,tweaking her niplles and cupping it with force!!she was now screaming in ecatstay and she was kissing and biting my face all over!!

I whispered "bitch .." and tore her shiryt off her with her bgra too tangling off!!therei saw two of the most beautiful pair of breasts!!soft,yet firm;erect yet supple;tanned yet clear;nipples round and as sharp as a needle, dark pink and round!!

i slolwy tweaked them in my thumb and palm rolled it!!she lifted her upper torso and said"suck it bastard"and pressed my head to it!!i caught one of them in my teeth and rolled it between my teeth!!and other nipple was tortured by my other hand fingers!!she was now screaming adn pressing my head to her chest almost choking me!!!

she tore of my sweat shirt off my shoulder an pushed me to the ground!!she pushed her breasts to my mouth and pressed her breasts like a mother feeding her kid!!her hands wree all over my chesta nd she stated to move about with her lips tongue on them!!

suddenly a voice comes from far!!

"MOM, MOM...."she raises her head and listens to it and turns to me and says"fucker, you wait here in same position"and smiles that viscous smile and gets up!!

her head level was above the corn but body below the corn hiden!!her son of 6 years old had come seraching for her.she told him to go as she would come soon!!but i was getting imaptienmt and islolwy gotup and i could see her gorgeous ass from her standing and put my hand on them!!

turned her while she was speaking to her son, slid my hands into her skirt to reach her panty and slid it out!!
I lifted her skirt and went inside her skirt between her thighs!!pushed her thighs slightly so that she stood withg her feet slightly away still talking to her son, while i bend down to pke betwen her pussy!!i dug my finger into that hole and finger-fucked it repeatedlly!!


Continuation of this would be only after i see the response to it!!please feel free to lemme how it sounded!!!


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