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2/25/2005 3:41 pm

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i was surfing the web one afternoon with the door open enough for someone to peak in and see what i am looking at on the computer. well, the mailman, i should say woman, peak in and noticed i was looking at porn. she knocked on the screen and startled me. needless to say my cock was a bit hard and she noriced when i turned to answer her.
here at my door was a 5ft. 4in. 170lbs(all ass and tits) balck mailwoman wanting to come in and see what i am looking at. she knew what i was looking at but she want to see something else.

her boobs were so big the buttons on her post office shirt were ready to pop off her shorts were tight as can be, her ass was popping out too. the front of the shorts cradled her pussy. she reached out for my cock and carressed it through my shorts. i was ready for anything.

i pulled my shorts off and revealed my cock to her and she immediately got on her knees and suck me off. she swallowed my shaft down to my balls. i could believe it. with her croucing down on her kneees i noticed she was wearing a pink g-string. i reached down to pull on the sides, i was pulling the it into her pussy and she moaned everytime i did it.

she stood up after sucking my cock and took off her blouse and to my suprise...massive black tits with giagantic nipples. i was i heaven i licked her nipples and squeezed her tits while she took off her shorts. because i was pulling on her panties i noticed the front of her g-string was wedged in her pussy i slowly moved down and pulled it out with my teeth and began sucking and licking her clit. she told me to fuck her.

i got up and slid my cock into her wet pink pussy from behind. i pumped and pumped and she screamed and moaned. i was ready to cum when she told me fuck her ass. i couldn't believe this was happening to me. i old her i had some lube n the bedroom but she looked at me and said "don't you dare go in there and get it..just stick it in my asshole likke that" i slowly entered her ass. i was a little wet but she liked it. i grab her hips and thrusted my cock deep into her ass. i couldn't take it anymore and blew my load into her ass. she turned, got on her knees and took me into her mouth and cleaned up the cum.

when she was done she got dressed and continued on her mail run. holy shit i thought to myself, what just happened. she was my regular mail carrier so when i was off work she always brought me a special delivery

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