Fairy tail  

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Fairy tail

Once upon a time in a far away bed room there sat a lovely princess urning for companionship and romance, she felt a void in her otherwise fulfilling life after all she was a princess....

One dark and dreary night thousands of miles away sat a handsome prince feeling much the same way. It turns out that his princess kissed a toad and turned in to a which... While moaping around his castle it occurred to him that there must be a princess in this vast world needing some of the same things that he so desperately urned for, whit this in mind he sent out his scribe to deliver messages all across the land (the scribes name was AdultFriendFinder)....

As the days grew warmer with the summer heat the scribe felt weary and nearly gave up on his master mission, for he left nearly all of the princess of the land with invitations of companionship and love, and no response, have i failed he asked himself? How do i bring this news to my honorable master?

As luck would have it, on the very day the scribe decided to abandoned his mission, he passed by a bakery, a bakery filled with the finest pastry's cakes and novelties... As the humble, yet hungry servant stood there before the warm aromatic baked goods a beautiful smile came from behind a rack and asked you there how can i help you? The servant replied i am on a mission from a far away prince to find him some companionship, the smile replied well i don't know if you will find that here, but without any hope the servant handed the woman a scroll and with that same brilliant smile handed him a pastry and a double layer chocolate cake "cakey" with a message for the prince....

In a months journey the scribe kept the cake and scroll tucked away in his satchel awaiting his arrival home to the palace. Upon arrival the prince warmly greeted the scribe and paid him homage for all of his hard work. Opening the package from the beautiful woman, the princess face glows with a cheesy smile.... Friendship at last..

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I like fairy tales.

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