Erotic Story  

rm_douglhers 41M
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8/23/2006 12:25 am
Erotic Story

Lets see.

It all started one night when I was attempting to wright a story for you all but at no avail, I wrote and wrote so I wasn't blocked or anything but i wasn't in the gutter if you know what i mean so i recruited a good friend of mine to give me some help and she did, well the story is not yet done do our disappointment, but we also haven't figured out how we should share credit.

Should we each post it

Should one give credit to the other and only post it on one blog

Should we start a joint blog


We are also entertaining the idea of a choose your own adventure type of thing where you would Tell us what you would like our fantasy couple to do...

What do you think?

eveready06 41M

8/24/2006 2:25 pm

Ok if it was me I'd post it on both blogs but each mention the fact that its a joint venture! But hey thats just me!

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