So my first blog entry  

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7/23/2006 8:31 pm
So my first blog entry

***Originally posted here Rhev***

Wow, a blog. Im so emo / internet savvy aren't I? Hey, your reading it, you must be as well!

So, I registered for this site years ago and never visited it. Basically its just been a site to send spam mail to my inbox. However a few months ago, my lover moved away and left me high and dry both sexually and romantically. I shudder at the thought of the dating scene, and most of my friends are married off now and don't have time for the partying we used to do. I find myself more and more becoming "The old guy at the party/club/bar," when I go out.

So here I am. Maybe I can find a new lover, maybe I can find a couple that's looking for an experienced, clean, mature, and discreet man to bring into things.

I am heterosexual, but have absolutely no homophobia about me. I am very comfortable being around other men, and have several times in the past been in multiple partner sessions including other men.

So here I am, checking this site out, trying to decide if its worth actually bringing out the credit card and spending money on.

I'd love to hear from any women / couples out there. Even if its just to say hi.

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