ladies say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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8/22/2005 2:48 pm

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ladies say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ladies say they are not picky ? BULL SHIT. if that were the case I'd be gittin pussy all the time. I send out atleast 10 to 15 messages a day to ladies and couples who match my profile all the way. but might get one responce back a few days later.. when I first started on this site it looked good. caught a ladie on IMC and sent here a message. she responded quickly and we started to chat. we set up a meet at a book store. (NOW KEEP IN MIND THIS ALL HAPPENED IN JUST A FEW HOURS).she told me what she would be wearing and I the same. we picked a time easy for both of us and we met.we sat and talked for bout an hour .she came for action. she was sitting across from me wearing a short skirt and no panties. a lovely ladie in her early 40s . she was hot!!!. after making her laugh a lot we agreed to goto a motel.hell she even payed for half, we goto our room. once in side she gos to the bath room to clean up.I'm sitting on the bed thinking whats fixin to happen??this is the first time I've been with another woman since I got married a year and a half hand were shakin and I felt she came out of the bath room I entered it as I shut the door I was thinkin its not too late to I thought of my wife at home and how she treats me as far as sex. I cam outta there ready to fuck. not sure what cums next... so many things going through my head. what to do first? play with her tits ? rub her pussy? plop out my cock? luckly she took over and undid my pants to putt my cock out and started to suck it. as my cock gets hard I'm thinkin will I be able to make her cum? will she like it? what if I cant do it? she piled the pressure on early by telling me that only one guy had ever made her cum by eatin her outand that she has a hard time cummin during sex. GREAT!!!. well as she gets me hard I'm thinkin well here we go like it or not.push her back on the bed and push her legs up toward her chest. lookin at that pussy all wet and me lickin my lips . HERE WE GO. I dive in to that thing like its my last meal. shes moanin and buckin then I hear it,I"M CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!not once but three times. shit thought my head was gonna explode..I was the sit man..she was gaspin for air and I was just gettin started.she rolled over and stuck that ass up in the air.nough said I knew what that meant. mount up cowboy. man she was wild and made soo much noise that I was worried that the hotel staff would be bangin on the door soon.we fucked and sucked for bout 2 hour till we were both bout to die.GET this just as we walked out of the room the people next to us came out...OH SHIT the guy looks at me and says hows it goin bigboy?? holy shit I thought I was gonna die.we said good by and went our separate ways.we hooked up later to do it again several times. we met for a MFM with her guy friend and she helped me with a FMF with another friend of hers god she was great. notice I said was. her and her hubby wanna try to work things out and I gotta respect that. SUNNYD you go girl...
more to cum later!!!!


8/22/2005 3:59 pm


rm_dootlebug 48M

8/23/2005 8:49 am

well we dont always get luck like that . been trying ever since to make it happen again..

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