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rm_dontwait62 53M
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9/6/2006 6:15 am
Joke Of The Day

A Guy Says To His Wife, "I' In The Mood For Some Sixty-Nine." She Says, Its That Time Of The Month. But If You Don't Care, I Don't Care." They Go Into The Bedroom And Are Sixty-Nining Like Mad Dogs When The Doorbell Rings. She Says, "Answer The Door." He Says, But My Face Is A Mess." She Says, "Its The Mailman, Answer The Door And If He Says Anything, Just Tell Him You Were Eating A Jam Sandwich." He Opens The Door And Says. "I'm Sorry About My Mouth, I Was Eating A Jam Sandwich." The Mailman Says. "I' Wasn't Looking At The Jam On Your Mouth, I Was Looking At The Peanut Butter On Your Forhead."

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