A Good Joke  

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8/17/2006 11:13 am

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A Good Joke

A Couple Gets Married, And The Wife Puts a Foot locker In The Bedroom. She Locks It, Then Puts The Only Key On A Chane Around Her Neck. For Fifty Years, Her Husband Tries To Fugure Out Whats In The Footlocker, But She Always Changes The Subject And Avoids The Issue. Finally, On The Night Of Their 50th Anniversary, He Says To Her, "I've Got To See Whats In That Trunk!" She Takes The Key And Unlocks The Foot Locker, Inside Is $25,000 And Two Ears Of Corn. The Husband Says, Whats With The Ears Of Corn And The $25,000? She Says, Well,Ummm, In The 50 Years, Every Time I Broke Our Marrage Vows, I Put An Ear Of Corn In The Trunk." The Husband Figures, Twice In 50 Years-Not Bad...." Then He Says, "Whats With The $25,000?" She Says, 'Well, Every Time I Got A Bushel, I Sold It"

linda691000 61F

8/30/2006 1:40 pm

lmao thats so funny its a good one

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