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4/18/2006 1:35 am
my stars

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Capricorn -

This is a time to look at your resources, finances and the way you judge yourself from a unique perspective. Others may not understand why or how you look at things the way you do but it will certainly give you a new lease on life…in spite of others’ opinions. This is especially necessary for the near future. Around the middle of June there will be and excellent opportunity for a career change. So if you’ve been feeling locked and blocked in a job that less experienced people have sway over how you apply your abilities, now you’ll have the opportunity to put yourself in a better position to use what you’ve got to the fullest. This will also be a time to see what you’re made of. Do you have the guts to make the change? Can you give up the limited security you now have for a job with much more potential? We shall see in June.

The conflict between child number one and child number two will significantly diminish after the 12th or 13th. You must realize that they are two completely different people with their own needs and their or perspectives. You cannot expect them to accomplish in the same way in life. Give them more latitude to choose paths that may not concur with your opinion of where they should be. Everyone will be a whole lot happier if you do. If you don’t have children you must not let your pride get in the way of the support you are receiving from others. They are giving to you in the only way that they know how. It’s up to you to adjust your application of what you receive. Be grateful.

In the long run your career change, if you make one, will set the stage for a move in late 2008. This is a time for preparation. Choose what you need and where you want to go carefully. This will give you a tremendous potential for growth. This will also change how you deal with the public. This will also be a time of change of rapport with your siblings. Always remember the Capricorn belief that the means justifies the ends.

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