my first time or more  

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4/18/2006 6:09 am

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my first time or more

debbie,wayne, me
in the old metal building across the tracks
i had never done it
neither had wayne
debbie said twice
she wanted wayne to go first
they all did after that
he was 7th grade football star
debbie and i were in eighth

wayne needed me
he was shy and ignorant of his swarthy goodlooks
at first
he needed me because i knew every girl within
5 miles
of couse i did, there were no other boys
for some reason
we played hide and seek in my yard
6 or 8 of them
one of me
i woukd bring a different one into the barn
every round
and we were always the last to be found
that was child play though
sticky fingers and shorts
this was a naked girl with wide open legs
i watched him pump away at her for maybe ten strokes before his shoulders sagged a bit
and it was my turn
i went and starting thrusting between her legs
not realizing that i was rubbing against her
instead of inside
she fixed this
and off i went
she became nervous
telling me that i should have pulled it out
hell, i did'nt know

i miss that old building
the boyscouts kept their newspaper in it
wayne and i took to bringing two girls in
me doing the talking and them saying
only if he is there
but they would do things for him
right in front of me that they told me no
lucky wayne, right to freshmen colege
and that whatever his name was
crashed himself through an upper story window
leaving behind a love note to wayne

i can't remember a fraction of the girls names
that i had sex with before being locked up long enough at age 16 and counting to an even 50

one to speak of
her apartment was across the alley from the jail
where everyday her husband watched through the bars at her dancing naked in the window as i lay out of view on the couch
watching too, but knowing thhat when the curtain
closed she was going to climb on top of me
and grind away for awhile before switching positions
she never seemed to come
just lay there with her eyes closed and a little mona lisa grin with a strange hummm

then i 17 i joined the carnival(for legal reasons)
and left the state, working our way towards florida
small town girls loved the carnival
but i ended up with the snake lady, who was also the electric lady, i slept with the fat lady too, as well as the snowcone/corn dog girl
live was good at 17

i turned 18 in a country western bar across the street from where i worked and lived and where the owner would let me drink for free if i went home with her friends who were late 40's up to ?
leathery skin and platinum wigs i remember
west palm beach in 81, cocaine and quaaludes
women paying me for sex
i ate one quaalude to many one afternoon
came out of the fog to find myself in front of a flat rock upon which i was crushing nails that i had boiled in a soupcan of sea water

i was on boca chica key, behind a military base
no water in the keys you have to drink the dew from leaves before it drys
made my way to key west where i was given a peanutbutter sandwich to shovel ice onto a conveyor belt
a week later i was cashing a check for 1500
that i had made the previous night for being on a boat that caught 60k lbs of mackeral

with no id,i had to cash my check in a topless bar my first, they wouldn't cash it unless i bought 20 worth of drink, am sure the bartender mentioned my check to the girls because i was soon swarmed and buying them all tall rum drinks over and over
cocaine showed up, i remember being taken off the stage and thrown from the bar and then the last thing i remember was the taxi driver slugging me in the face cause i had empty pockets, but i woke up in sight of the boat and climbed back on

thus a pattern that i was unable to break for years began. that intoxicating feeling of being dressed in rags throwing hundreds of dollars away on wine, women, and song

hell, i was trying write some sex stuff

but things got heavy in the keys
bales of pot, captains who killed their crews
thhe cuban flotilla when castro emptied out his mental hospitals and jails
put them in rafts and pointed them here
being asked to do a hit on someone for 3k
which i didn't do but jumped out on the highway with no shirt or shoes wearing cutoffs with a dime in my pocket

three days later i walked into the pacific

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